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Home Performance

Is your home not performing the way you’d like? Do your energy bills seem to high? Do you feel drafts in your home? Does your furnace or central air system run more often than you’d like?

Insulating and air sealing your existing home is the number one way to reduce energy bills, save money, and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. 

Existing homes have the biggest opportunity to manage energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • According to Home Energy Magazine (Nov/Dec 2009), buildings represent 43% of carbon emissions in the United States.
  • Seventy percent of existing homes were built before energy codes were enacted, meaning they are not adequately air sealed and insulated.
  • Even newer homes have significant energy savings opportunities.

Our Home Performance Contracting Division has the tools, experience and training to solve these problems in your home.  Our team has staff and a management team that are accredited and certified, uses the latest diagnostic tools and has certified weatherization specialists throughout our installer team.

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